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Guide to Effective Organization Design (Coming Soon)

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Learn how to design an organization structure that best supports your strategy and operating model.

Getting the design of an organization correct is critical to enable effective execution of business strategy. The team at Expert Toolkit have concisely summarized just about everything you'll need to know to design any organization. This Expert Toolkit Guide is based on practical experience of what works and includes: 

  • A proven six step approach for organization design
  • How to identify and utilize design criteria
  • How to evaluate organizational structure options
  • What is an organizational architecture
  • How to go from structure to capabilities, teams and roles
  • How to implement the change

    You'll also get the most common mistakes people make when designing organizations and common pitfalls you must avoid. This guide and the methods apply to many organization design scenarios:

    • Startups and new business ventures
    • Not-for-profits
    • Government agencies
    • Corporate restructures
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Business transformation

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