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Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis

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Learn the fundamental business analysis approach used by all of the top tier consulting Firms.

Also called Inductive Analysis, Hypotheses-based analysis is a powerful analytic approach that helps to ensure any business analysis exercise is structured and focused on what matters most. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll get:

  • An overview of the hypotheses-based analytical approach and outline how it adds value in a business context
  • An explanation of the purpose and benefits of hypothesis driven analysis
  • A walk-through of the 7 key steps involved in developing good hypotheses and conducting hypotheses-based analysis
  • To know the differences between good and bad hypotheses
  • Examples of hypotheses

    Being able to develop good strategic and operational hypotheses and progress through the process to confirm or refute the hypotheses is a powerful and versatile skill. The hypotheses-based analytic approach is known for its efficiency, focus, accuracy and effectiveness which is why it's used without fail by all of the top management consulting firms. Put the skill and approach in your armory today!

    Document Length: 15 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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