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Guide to Business Scenario Planning (Coming Soon)

Guide to Business Scenario Planning (Coming Soon)

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Learn to identify, evaluate and construct sound business scenarios to counter any market force or competitive movements.

The political, environmental, social and technological environment is changing faster than ever. What do the changes mean for your market and business? What future state scenarios are possible and how will your business respond? Not sure? It's time to master the skills and methods of scenario planning to help your organization peer into the future and evaluate the possible scenarios and develop plans to accommodate the most likely scenarios.

In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn: 

  • How to identify a broad range of future state views based on driving forces shaping the competitive environment including trends and uncertainties.
  • How to assess the implications of these possible future states on your businesses strategy.
  • How to develop winning strategies, survival strategies, identify winners and losers and identify the competencies required for future success.
  • How to validate the potential scenarios created, develop suitable strategic responses and areas requiring further analysis or investigation

This is the approach used by the leading strategy consulting firms and corporate development teams. You can master it too and become a powerful strategic advisor helping your organization or your clients.

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