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Business Risk Register & Tracker

  • $999

Utilizing this straightforward Excel application that is based on tried-and-true business procedures, you can record and monitor the risks that your company faces.

It is of the utmost significance for every company to recognise the risks that the firm faces and to have a methodical plan in place to keep track of these risks, the exposure they bring, as well as the controls and treatments that are required to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

This comprehensive Business Risk Register and Tracker was designed by the team at Expert Toolkit using best practises that have been shown to be effective for Business Risk Management. You may save yourself some time by using our application, which has everything that an established company needs in order to monitor business risks in an exhaustive way.

In this tool you can capture and track:

  • Business Risks
  • Causes and Impacts
  • Current Likelihood, Consequence and Exposure
  • Controls and Treatment Plans
  • Targets for Exposure, Likelihood and Consequences

The tool contains drop down menus for the key items that need to be captured and monitored.

This product will be emailed to you via secure email within 5 minutes of completion of your order. Remember, all Expert Toolkit products come with a complete money-back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied with your purchase.

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