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Guide to Productivity Benefits Cases

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Learn how to develop a robust benefits case to support your productivity improvement initiative.

Before embarking on a process improvement or productivity improvement initiative it is critical that you can articulate the anticipated benefits in order to secure support. After you commence testing your improvements and then scaling the program it is equally important that you are able quantify the benefits that have been delivered. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll get: 

  • An introduction to process improvement benefits cases and how they add value in a business context
  • The key prerequisites and principles when developing a benefits case
  • A step by step approach for developing a process improvement benefits case
  • Templates and a fully worked example for building a process improvement benefits case

Being able to put hard numbers around an improvement initiative is a critical skill. You'll be able to secure support for your program - and explain the value that you delivered!

Document Length: 22 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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