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Customer Requirements Engineering

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Learn how to create requirements so customers will love your products, services and solutions.

Want to build products, services, solutions and processes that your customers will love? You need to know how to do effective customer requirements engineering and this Expert Toolkit Guide will give you everything that you need:

  • What is customer requirements engineering?
  • The attributes of good requirements
  • How requirements engineering fits into the product development lifecycle
  • The importance of traceability and change management 
  • How to use a Critical to Quality Tree to develop great requirements
  • An introduction to the v-model and how it relates to requirements engineering

In addition, this guide will outline proven techniques for gathering, analyzing and prioritizing requirements that will truly be valued by customers:

  • Voice of the Customer
  • Quality Function Deployment and House of Quality
  • Kano Analysis

Loaded with Expert Tips and useful templates, this Expert Toolkit Guide will get you fully equipped to engineer requirements with the best - without any wasted time!

Document Length: 31 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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