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Creating an Effective Communications Strategy

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A simple guide to creating an effective business transformation communications strategy

Successfully executing a business transformation or change program is complex, risky and challenging. Engaging the diverse range of stakeholders impacted by the change is essential to success - but often overlooked or underdone. Don't make the mistake of neglecting to communicate with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and other critical stakeholders when embarking on business change. Engaging these groups effectively will facilitate greater commitment to accomplishing the transformation objectives and reduce the risk of failure.

This Expert Guide includes:

  • Introduction to the value and concepts of effective business communications

  • Description of key principles and considerations when communicating in an organizational transformation context
  • Introduction to proven frameworks that can be utilized when developing a communications strategy in support of a business transformation
  • Outline of the key activities involved in developing a communications strategy and plan
  • An example communications template

A communications strategy and plan in support of a business change program needs to defined during the early stages of the program, aligned to the scope and objectives of the change agenda and continually refined as the program progresses and stakeholders move along the commitment curve.

This Expert Toolkit guide boils effective business transformation communications down to the fundamental principles, steps and considerations when defining a business transformation communications strategy.

Document Length: 16 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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