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Crash Course in Stakeholder Management

  • $999

Learn how to get your critical stakeholders on board with your program.

Many people think that stakeholder management and communications is the unnecessary "fluffy" stuff - and it often gets cut from the project scope. However, its critical importance to program success cannot be overstated.  Knowing who your stakeholders are and how to communicate with them and influence their attitude to your program will set you up for success. Without it, you are most certainly doomed to fail! In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn: 

  • The five key steps to mapping and managing your stakeholders
  • How to assess your stakeholders disposition and influence
  • How to create a communications plan
  • How to assess the effectiveness of your communications plan
  • Top tips for stakeholder mapping and communication

Being equipped with these skills and tools in stakeholder management will allow you to bring often overlooked value to large transformation programs. Your impact will be significant as you help programs stay out of trouble and deliver their intended outcomes by effective management of your stakeholders.

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