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Capability Gap Assessment Guide & Template

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A structured framework for assessing the capabilities that exist within an organization.

The Capability Gap Assessment is a structured framework for analyzing the capabilities that exist within an organization and presenting this assessment in a clear and simple form. The template allows a business analyst to capture multiple organizational dimensions, assess current capabilities and then outline potential improvement strategies to address apparent capability gaps.

The framework is ideally suited to be used at the conclusion of an assessment phase, where findings need to be presented and potential strategies tested with stakeholders. The framework can be applied at a broad organizational level, also at a team or business unit level.

This framework is especially useful when conducting a business analysis exercise that requires consideration of the capabilities that exist within the organization. It is highly adaptable and can be applied to tangible and less tangible organizational capabilities and across a range of dimensions including process, technology, people, culture, controls, governance, leadership.

Document Length: 6 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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