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Business Transformation Framework

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A proven, step-by-step framework for defining, guiding and governing any business transformation program.

The Business Transformation Framework is a 5-component framework (or methodology) intended to inform and assist with the design and delivery of a business transformation program. It begins with the “Transformation Vision” and concludes with “Metrics and Governance” to oversee execution and measure the success of delivery and accomplishment of the vision. For each step in the framework, tools and techniques are recommended for conducting the step effectively.

The Business Transformation Framework provides a structured method for any team, unit, function or organization looking to transform. It can be used to guide the transformation approach based on good practices, allowing room for customization to suit the specific needs of the organization. It is not intended to be a formulaic recipe for completing a transformation, as every transformation is different. However, in the hands of a competent practitioner the framework will provide a strong transformation enabler.

Transformations are typically complex, challenging and highly susceptible to failure. Starting out on a business transformation journey with a clear understanding of the ingredients for success is critical. The 5 steps in this framework, while not exhaustive, outline the essential elements that should be incorporated into the design and delivery of any transformation program in order for it to be successful and sustainable.

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