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Executive Presentation Review

Executive Presentation Review

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We can help you nail that critical executive presentation

Every now and again, there comes a presentation we absolutely need to crush. It could be to your Board, Executive Suite, Customers, Team or Critical Stakeholders. Whatever the topic and whomever the audience, let the team from Expert Toolkit help you nail it. We will work with you and cover our 7-dimensions of a successful presentation. 

  1. Storyboard - is the overall flow of the presentation logical and structured in a way to convey your message clearly?
  2. Formatting - does it convey the level of professionalism and excellence you need it to convey?
  3. Objectives - are you clear on what you are seeking to achieve in the presentation?
  4. Audience - do you understand your audience? Their perspectives, pre-conceived ideas, fears, hopes and desires?
  5. Objections - what objections are you likely to face? Do you have a plan to address these objections?
  6. Key Messages - what are the key messages you need to get across - and be understood by your audience?
  7. Delivery - how are you planning on delivering the presentation to capture your audience's attention and land your message?

    Use the Schedule Your Time button to book a Discovery Call with one of our leaders to discuss your presentation, audience, goals, issues, objectives and where you need our assistance. From there we will agree a path forward to provide our expert advice, input and coaching. The Discovery Call will be conducted over Zoom and an invitation will be sent to you automatically when you book your time. 

    Our presentation review service includes:

    • Online (via video call) discussion and coaching sessions (2 * 1 hour)
    • Offline material review and feedback (2 review cycles)

    In addition, you will receive a complimentary copy of our guide to Creating High Impact Presentations as well as copy of Executive Presentation Icons and Symbols Toolkit.

    Our Commitment

    • All Expert Toolkit services are delivered by a senior practitioner with 20+ years experience advising, facilitating workshops and delivering presentations for leading organizations.
    • The presentation coaching service utilizes Expert Toolkit material and methods but is tailored to suit the specific concerns and objectives of you.

    Payment Terms

    • 0% due at time of Discovery Call booking.
    • 50% due after Discovery Call and confirmation of scope, timing, support required.
    • 50% after delivery of the final coaching session or review cycle

    All users of this service must have their own computer with audio and video capabilities and a high speed internet connection.

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