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Business Diagnostic Findings Guide & Template

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A structured approach for presenting findings and observations from a business diagnostic exercise.

The Business Diagnostic Findings Template is a proven framework for presenting the essential findings and observations from a business diagnostic phase. The format is highly adaptable and is particularly suited to presenting the summary outcomes from an analysis exercise to a group of key stakeholders. Two format options are presented here for selection by the business analyst. The template assumes that underlying analysis exists, providing sufficient evidence of the findings and these can be referenced if required.

The Business Diagnostic Findings Templates provided here are proven to work well with executive audience and are similar to those used by the leading management consultants reporting out findings to senior business executives. The format of the templates provide sufficient detail and are structured in a way to help the reader or audience understand the key facts and insights easily and therefore make informed decisions.

Document Length: 8 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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