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Building A Successful Transformation Program - Default - Guide

Building a Successful Transformation Program (Coming Soon)

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Learn how to design and deliver a successful business transformation change program.

It is a unfortunate fact: the vast majority of large business transformation programs do not deliver to expectations across budget, timeline or objectives. Improve your program's chances of success by leveraging the experience, lessons and techniques from the team at Expert Toolkit. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn:

  • The fundamental purpose and need to deliver business transformation.
  • How to outline a transformation program's scope and strategy
  • How to build a transformation roadmap
  • The importance of planning and preparing for successes and failures
  • What it takes to execute a business transformation successfully
  • How to leverage data analysis and measurement to drive program performance
  • Key components critical to successful deployment of business changes
  • What to do after deployment
  • How to manage program issues and mitigate risks

You'll also get invaluable knowledge on how to influence transformation stakeholders, when you don't have control!

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