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Innovation Prioritization Tool & Dashboard

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Utilizing Expert Toolkit's Innovation Prioritization Tool and Dashboard, you can evaluate and rank the many ideas you have for innovation.

It can be challenging to determine which ideas are worthwhile to pursue and which are not worth doing so. Finding the optimal next step may be as much an act of art as it is one of science if it requires taking into account a wide variety of factors, points of view, and unanswered questions. Bringing the appropriate amount of objectivity and structure to this process will make it far more successful, both in terms of the degree of buy-in from individuals who were engaged and the quality of the outcome that was produced. The Expert Toolkit Innovation Prioritization Tool and Dashboard can help you execute an innovation exercise and choose which ideas to:

  • Experiment - test, pilot, proof of concept, apply moderate levels of investment.
  • Accelerate - get behind and fast-track development and launch.
  • Qualify - analyze further to more deeply assess risk and return.
  • Reject - no investment recommended at this time.

Our innovation idea analysis and prioritising tool has been developed to assist you in functioning in an expert-like manner and is modelled after the methodology used by industry professionals. It includes all of the factors and dimensions that are required to conduct a systematic analysis of innovation ideas and to rank them in order of importance:

  • Categories, Sub-Categories and Themes
  • Value, Benefit, Impact and Return
  • Cost, Effort and Complexity

The application enables the simultaneous evaluation of up to one hundred ideas, enables filtering along a number of variables, and offers a clear prioritising dashboard that illustrates where each concept falls into the overall hierarchy. The programme will also provide a report that details the top 10 suggestions depending on the parameters that you choose. This product is built on Microsoft Excel, and although it is ready to use right out of the box, it can also be completely customised to meet the requirements of your organisation.

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