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Innovation Prioritization Tool & Dashboard

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Assess and prioritize your innovation ideas with Expert Toolkit's Innovation Prioritization Tool and Dashboard.

Identifying which ideas are worth pursuing and those that are not can be difficult. Taking into consideration a multitude of variables, perspectives, unknowns and determining the best way forward can be as much art as it is science. Bringing in the right level of objectivity and structure to this process will make it far more effective both in terms of the quality of the result and the level of buy-in from those involved. 

The Expert Toolkit Innovation Prioritization Tool and Dashboard will help you run an innovation exercise and determine which ideas to:

  • Experiment - test, pilot, proof of concept, apply moderate levels of investment.
  • Accelerate - get behind and fast-track development and launch.
  • Qualify - analyze further to more deeply assess risk and return.
  • Reject - no investment recommended at this time.

Our innovation idea analysis and prioritization tool is based on the approach taken by the experts and has been built to help you operate like an expert. It contains all of the variables, dimensions necessary to analyze and prioritize innovation ideas in a structured manner:

  • Categories, Sub-Categories and Themes
  • Value, Benefit, Impact and Return
  • Cost, Effort and Complexity

The tool allows the analysis of upto 100 ideas at a time and allows filtering by various dimensions and presents a clean prioritization dashboard showing where each idea sits. The tool will also report out the top 10 ideas based on your specified criteria. This product is based in Microsoft Excel and is ready-to-use but also fully customizable to suit your specific situation.

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