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Introduction to using the RACI process

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Learn how to use the RACI process to drive effective workload allocation and outcomes.

For any project team or business unit to work effectively, it is critical to know what work needs to be done and who must do them. That's the value of RACI. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn: 

  • The purpose and objectives of the RACI process
  • Proven principles and practices for using the RACI process to maximum effect
  • When is the best time to apply RACI
  • The key 5 steps to get it right
  • What a good RACI looks like
  • How to use the output of the RACI to optimize workload and output

RACI's brilliance comes from its simplicity and ability to engage the whole team in agreeing on work required and the individuals required to make it happen. Being able to run a team through RACI will position you as a leader of the group - able to provide clarity on team responsibilities and work output requirements.

Document Length: 16 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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