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Guide to Visual Management for Executives

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Improve operational performance and drive better team engagement and productivity.

Visual Management is a system to provide the workplace with a highly visual means to understand the status of work and key performance measures. It consists of a collection of tools that enable the display of real time information and communications to show key information about the workplace and enable the rapid identification of performance issues that arise and ensure that they are acted upon quickly. It's simple in concept, but incredibly powerful when implemented correctly. In this Expert Toolkit Guide you'll learn:

  • About Visual Management and how it can add value in a business environment
  • The process, steps and good design principles for utilizing Visual Management
  • The benefits of Visual Management and examples of how it can lift business performance and team engagement
  • How Team Huddles and Active Leadership can help enhance the value provided by Visual Management
  • How to start employing Visual Management in your business

Being equipped with these fundamental skills in visual management will allow you to bring incredible, tangible value to complex operational environments. You will be seen as a creator of business excellence - as the teams you introduce to visual management concepts and techniques lift their performance like never before.

Document Length: 20 Landscape Pages
Document Format: PDF

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