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Personalized 100 Day Plan Development

  • $49500

Let the team at Expert Toolkit help you reach your goals by creating a bullet-proof 100 day action plan.

If you're about to start a new position, don't head in blindly without structure and guidance. Work with an experienced professional to create a comprehensive 100-Day Plan that you can customize for your goals. Life is too short for unmet goals!

Is your new engineering manager feeling overwhelmed with the tasks ahead of them? We’ve got you covered! Our team can help by creating a 100 day plan that will work to guide you in the right direction.

A complete 100 day plan for you on a single page. Help to prioritize your activities and focus on what matters most. We will utilize Expert Toolkit's 100-day plan template - which is a structured format to help prioritize areas and tasks on one page. It's easy to read, with all the information you need in front of you at once!

You'll work with us over two to three video sessions and we will do the hard work of talking through your priorities, goals, objectives. We're going take all that information you've given us so far- synthesizing it into a concise plan for execution which leaves you feeling empowered & confident in taking action!

    Use the Schedule Your Time button to book a 30minute Discovery Call with one of our senior advisors to discuss your requirements. The Discovery Call will be conducted over Zoom and an invitation will be sent to you automatically when you book your time. 

    Our Commitment

    • All Expert Toolkit executive support services are delivered by a senior practitioner with 20+ years experience advising leading organizations and executives.
    • We will utilize Expert Toolkit material and methods but tailor it to suit your specific concerns and objectives.

    Payment Terms

    • 0% due at time of Discovery Call booking.
    • 50% due after Discovery Call and agreement to proceed.
    • 50% due upon delivery of the final 100 day plan.

    All participants must have their own computer with audio and video capabilities and a high speed internet connection.

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