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Which Bundles are best for me?

Let us help you choose the right training bundle to take your skills to the next level.

Not sure which Bundles are right for you? Here is a summary of each Bundle's contents in addition to some guidance that may assist you in selecting the optimal Bundles for your specific business needs and learning objectives. 

The Customer Guru Bundle

This bundle from the team at Expert Toolkit is for anyone wanting to learn methods and techniques that are proven to deliver tangible improvement and drive value for customers. This bundle is well suited to those with a sound foundation of business analysis or consulting experience looking to specialize in the field of customer experience improvement. It contains 10 components over 150 pages and is available in digital or print editions. 

•	The Essentials of SIPOC Modelling •	Guide to the 5 Whys Method •	Guide to the Voice of the Customer Method •	Guide to Customer Requirements Engineering •	Introduction to Kano Analysis •	Step by Step Guide to House of Quality •	Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis •	How to be a Great Facilitator •	Brown Paper Process Mapping •	Mastering Customer Value Analysis

Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle

This is the bundle for those just starting out their consulting career, or venturing into the world of being a business advisor, analyst or manager. It contains 10 fundamental tools, methods and guides in a pack of over 150 pages. This bundle is a great starting point for anyone looking to lift their business impact.

•	Introduction to the RACI Process •	Affinity Diagrams •	How to use the 5 Whys Method •	How to do Data Collection Planning •	How to do Brown Paper Process Mapping •	Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis •	How to be a Great Facilitator •	Introduction to PEST Analysis •	The Essentials of Porter's Five Forces •	Guide to Productivity Business Cases

Business Improvement Champion Bundle

Created especially for the business analyst or consultant who wants to make businesses run better. More efficiently, more effectively, with better productivity and delivering higher quality. The Business Improvement Champion bundle combines a variety of time-tested and proven tools into a single package. Weighing in at over 180 pages this Bundle is extensive and is available in a digital or print edition.

<li>Guide to Balanced Scorecards</li> <li>The Essentials of SIPOC Modelling</li> <li>Affinity Diagrams</li> <li>Using the 5 Whys Method</li> <li>Practical Guide to the 5S Method</li> <li>Guide to Hypotheses-based Analysis</li> <li>How to be a Great Facilitator</li> <li>Brown Paper Process Mapping</li> <li>Guide to Visual Management for Executives</li> <li>Guide to Process Improvement Benefits Cases</li> <li>Templates for Process Improvement Project Charter, SIPOC and Process Improvement Benefits Cases</li>

Master Change Practitioner Bundle

Much like the Customer Guru Bundle, the Master Change Practitioner Bundle is ideally suited to those who have a solid foundation of business consulting, analysis or management and wish to specialize. In this bundle we will help you develop skills and learn the tools to become a competent change management practitioner. This bundle also comes with our automatic stakeholder mapping tool.

<li>Mastering Change Management</li> <li>Crash Course in Stakeholder Management</li> <li>A Guide to Using RACI</li> <li>How to be a great Facilitator</li> <li>Change Readiness Assessment Template</li> <li>Stakeholder Mapping Template</li> <li>Stakeholder Communications Template</li> <li>Automatic Stakeholder Mapping Tool</li>

Advanced Consulting Skills Bundle

Coming in Summer 2017, this toolkit is aimed at the business consultant who is looking to advance their skills to the next level. The Bundle contains a range of tools, methods and skills that are essential for the mid-level consultant to become fully developed into the highly versatile expert business advisor. This bundle will be available in digital and print formats.

<li>How to Design and Build a Transformation Program</li> <li>Guide to Organization Design</li> <li>Writing great PowerPoint Decks</li> <li>Designing an Effective Operating Model</li> <li>Mastering Value Stream Mapping</li> <li>How to write a Business Case</li> <li>Guide to Financial Ratio Analysis</li> <li>Mastering Change Management</li> <li>Guide to Stakeholder Management</li> <li>Essentials of Business Cost Reduction</li> <li>Value Realization and Project Benefits Management</li>

High Impact People Leader Bundle

This Bundle will help you progress your abilities and knowledge in the area of people leadership and management. Whether it be for project team leadership or line management - if you are moving (or wish to move) into roles that have accountability for leading teams and influencing others, this Bundle is for you. This Bundle will be available in Spring 2018 and will be available in digital and print editions. 

<li>Guide to Effective Functional Leadership</li> <li>Mastering Personnel Management</li> <li>Leading Teams Successfully</li> <li>Visual Management for Executives</li> <li>How to become a great Facilitator</li> <li>Guide to RACI</li> <li>Effective Coaching and Feedback</li> <li>Team Temperature Check Tool</li> <li>ABCDs Template</li>

Management Consultant Toolkit – Volume 1

Scheduled for release in February 2018, this Bundle contains over 50 tools and templates used by the best management consultants the worldover. In addition to the templates, the Bundle provides concise instructions on each tool - specifically detailed what each tool is, when it should be used, why you would use it and how to use it. This product will be available in digital and print editions and will be approximately 200 pages in length.

<li>Current State Process Issues Framework</li> <li>Process Flow Analysis Framework</li> <li>Benchmarking Templates</li> <li>Capability Gap Assessment Template</li> <li>Failure Mode Effects Analysis Template</li> <li>Swimlane Process Map Template</li> <li>Analysis Findings Templates</li> <li>Customer Experience Process Design Framework</li> <li>Future State Process Change Framework</li> <li>Solution Assessment &amp; Prioritization Templates</li> <li>Benefits Case Template</li> <li>Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework</li> <li>Initiative Definition &amp; Prioritization Templates</li> <li>Stakeholder Disposition Mapping Framework</li> <li>Change Readiness Mapping Template</li> <li>Stakeholder Data Capture Template</li> <li>Stakeholder Communications Template</li> <li>Change Readiness Surveys</li> <li>Team Temperature Check Tool</li> <li>Data Collection Plan Template</li> <li>Rapid Action Team Charter Template</li> <li>Activity Accountability Plan</li> <li>Project Charter Template</li> <li>Project Status Report Template</li> <li>Project Issues &amp; Risks Register Templates</li>

Mastering Market Analysis Mega Bundle

This Bundle will lift your impact in all the key aspects of market analysis - including competition, market sizing, segmentation, life cycle, value chain and pricing. If you want to be a high performance contributor in a marketing, product, pricing or corporate development team then this is the bundle for you. This Bundle is due for release in early Spring 2017 and will be available in print and digital editions.

<li>Cluster Analysis</li> <li>Customer Value Analysis</li> <li>Competitive Analysis</li> <li>Market Segmentation</li> <li>Market Sizing</li> <li>Market Attractiveness</li> <li>Segment Profitability Analysis</li> <li>Value Chain Analysis</li> <li>SWOT Analysis</li> <li>Life Cycle Analysis</li>

    Strategic Advisor Expert Bundle

    Due for release in Summer 2017, this Bundle is designed for use by anyone looking to lift their capabilities in key aspects of business strategy and planning. Ideally, the user of this Bundle will have a solid foundation in consulting and business analysis skills and is looking to sharpen their skills in the strategy domain. This Bundle will be available in digital and print editions.

    <li>Guide to Cost Reduction</li> <li>Essentials of Operating Model Design</li> <li>Guide to Financial Ratio Analysis</li> <li>Introduction to Post-Merger Integration</li> <li>Essentials of Porter's Five Forces</li> <li>Introduction to PEST Analysis</li> <li>Mastering Competition Analysis</li> <li>Guide to Hypothesis-based Analysis</li> <li>Introduction to the Strategic SWOT Method</li> <li>Strategic SWOT Method Template</li>
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