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About Expert Toolkit

Who we are

Expert Toolkit has been created by a team of professionals who have spent their careers building, running, growing, improving and transforming businesses around the world. The Expert Toolkit team has extensive experience working with corporations across a range of sectors in more than 10 countries. From start-up to blue-chip - across retail, technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, travel, energy, banking and government our team have a passion for making businesses work better, improving the lives of the people working in these businesses and sharing the lessons they have learned along the way.

Our Mission

Expert Toolkit is here to help individuals and teams working independently and in enterprises make a greater impact. Whether you are an independent contractor, business leader, business analyst, external adviser or pro-bono volunteer we can help you deliver more value, in less time using proven practices.
Our mission is straightforward:
To give individuals in the business world access to the best, proven, most relevant tools to make them more successful in their roles and to empower them to deliver incredible results, get home earlier, get paid more, get promoted sooner and improve everything around them. To make a greater impact!


It's hard to overstate the value of having good, proven business tools in your tool chest. Like any professional applying their trade, the right tool for the job is paramount. The whole purpose of Expert Toolkit is to provide anyone, anywhere, anytime access to the right tools and knowledge for addressing business situations, problems and opportunities. For too long these tools have been hidden, kept secret or locked behind the walls of consulting firms and strategy houses - who make their money by selling their services which come with use of their tools.

The problem is that many people don't know what tools exist, don't know which tool to use for which situation or simply don't have access to them. There is a layer of mysticism and fear around some of these tools and techniques. People are quite often intimidated by them. If you are looking to understand the practices of exceptional business leaders, advisors and consulting organizations, we are here to help lift your proficiency.

Most people working in the business world want to make a difference, want to deliver value and results as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, time is wasted seeking information, looking for tools, recreating tools and frameworks – reducing the level of impact that you can make. Why spend hours building something from scratch on your own, or searching for knowledge that might not be the best thinking available. Within minutes you can have the knowledge and tools you need to get any job done and done right. We want you to be able to get what you want, when you want it (now) and know that it is the best, won't waste any of your time and will get the results you are looking for.

What we offer

We offer access to a vast and growing library of tools that are proven to deliver value across wide range of business environments, markets and challenges. These are what the experts use and they have been created by experts. We are democratizing and making widely available a set of tools, knowledge, guides, frameworks and templates in 4 areas:

Strategy and Planning Products by Expert Toolkit Strategy and Planning – A range of tools, guides, frameworks and templates to support business planning, business analysis, market assessment, competition analysis, strategy development, value chain analysis, financial performance improvement, business planning, operating model design, mergers, acquisitions and more. 
Customer Experience Products by Expert Toolkit Customer Experience – A comprehensive set of tools, guides and methods to assist businesses and individuals seeking to create a great experiences for their customers across all channels and product lines. From customer experience diagnosis to customer experience design, our range of tools are proven to help lift customer advocacy.
Business Excellence Products by Expert Toolkit Business Excellence – An extensive set of methods and techniques proven to help businesses perform better – more productively, more efficiently, higher quality, faster moving, more agility and with less waste. These tools help inject best practice into any operation and will support taking any business to the next level of performance.
Business Transformation by Expert Toolkit Business Transformation – Transformation is fraught with challenge. Leverage our guides, templates and insights to help design and deliver a successful transformation program. Our tools span transformation design, transformation strategy, transformation planning and transformation execution. Leverage our tools to make your transformation endeavor successful. 


If you are looking to accelerate and lift your skills, knowledge and business impact, there are two ways to access the contents of Expert Toolkit's extensive library:

  • Our Books & Toolkits are instantly downloadable and provide targeted tools, templates, frameworks, best practices, learning guides and instructional material focused on specific areas - such as customer experience, management consulting, business strategy, operations improvement and business analysis.
  • Our Premium Membership provides unlimited, on-demand online access to the entire Expert Toolkit library for a low monthly fee. Our library is extensive and expanding on a regular basis

Contact Us

For questions, inquiries or feedback, please call us on 1-855-525-8282, email us at or use the “Contact us” tab on the bottom right of your screen and a member of the Expert Toolkit team will be able to assist you.