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Learn How to be a World-Class Operations Improvement Specialist

Learn the best tools, techniques and methods for improving the operational performance of any business.

Learn the tools and techniques used by leading operational improvement experts and advisors. If you want to become leader in business excellence and operational performance improvement, then this is the knowledge that you need to master. The Business Improvement Champion Bundle by Expert Toolkit contains 11 tools and over 180 pages of easy-to-understand, how-to instructions, tools, guides, templates and tips from the experts to get you delivering as a highly proficient operational improvement analyst quickly. 

Tool #1: How to create Balanced Scorecards

Balanced scorecards are a performance management tool that help to achieve operational performance excellence outcomes and continuous business performance improvement. They enable management by exception by highlighting key areas that need specific focus or attention by leadership and the team. Learn how to create and deploy a balanced scorecard in any business with this detailed how-to guide with best practices, tips and guidelines.

Tool #2: How to do SIPOC Modelling

A SIPOC model establishes the boundaries of a particular operational process by showing its beginning and ending point. A SIPOC model can help understand and simplify business improvement projects by dividing the scope of the process in question into manageable chunks. Learn how to design SIPOC models and utilize them to drive operations improvement in customer-facing processes.

Tool #3: How to use the 5S Method

5S is an approach and management philosophy designed to organize the workplace, keep it neat and clean, maintain standardized conditions and instill the discipline required to enable each individual and team to achieve and maintain a world class operational environment. Learn the principles of 5S and how to apply the core methods to drive performance excellence in any business. 

Tool #4: How to use Visual Management

Visual Management is a system to provide an operational environment with a highly visual means to understand the status of work and key performance measures. It enables the rapid identification of performance issues that arise and ensures that they are acted upon promptly. It is a critical and powerful tool for understanding business performance and identifying opportunities to drive tangible improvement in efficiency, productivity, quality and throughput..

Tool #5: How to Facilitate Business Workshops

Learn how to run workshops, large and small, like a professional facilitator. Master the techniques used by the leading business facilitators who know how to orchestrate large business audiences to solve complex problems and design new solutions. You'll get detailed how-to instructions and tips on everything from managing difficult audience members through to the practical instructions for preparing and running a successful workshop. Facilitation is a critical skill when needing to bring together groups of individuals to identify problems, define solutions and implement change.

Tool #6: How to use Hypothesis-based Analysis

A vast majority of high pressure top-tier business improvement projects use hypothesis-based analysis. Also known as inductive reasoning, hypothesis-based analysis is a key to making projects move in a fast and focused manner. Once you learn how to perform hypothesis-based analysis, your productivity will increase substantially and you'll be capable of getting to the root of critical operational problems quickly without any wasted time or effort.

Tool #7: How to use the Five Whys Method

The Five Whys method is a disciplined and structured method for conducting root-cause analysis. It is extremely effective in workshop environments and one on one settings. As a competent practitioner of the Five Whys method you'll know how to uncover business performance improvement opportunities quickly and reliably.

Tool #8: How to Create Affinity Diagrams

Affinity Diagramming is a flexible method for taking disparate ideas and information sets and bringing structure and organization. Affinity Diagrams are highly effective in group environments for gathering a wide range of ideas and inputs and looking for common themes and patters. Affinity Diagrams are useful for brainstorming, requirements gathering and root cause analysis. Become a master of Affinity Diagramming to take you business improvement skills to the next level.

Tool #9: How to do Brown Paper Process Mapping

Brown paper process mapping is one of the most powerful (and possibly underrated) business analysis and business improvement techniques. It involves facilitation, stakeholder management and disciplined process analysis skills. Master this technique and you will be able to drive incredible business value in an accelerated time frame. Get detailed instructions, expert tips, templates and you'll be a master of brown paper process mapping in no time. 

Tool #10: How to write a Business Improvement Benefits Case

Writing a robust business case for any business improvement initiative is a critical skill essential for any operational improvement specialist. In this guide you'll learn how to create a benefits case, how to test it and how to extrapolate the results as you scale your business improvement program. You'll get detailed instructions for writing a benefits case, a fully worked example and a proven template for writing your next benefits case.

Tool #11: Ready to use Templates

In addition to the above 10 tools and how-to guides, you'll get ready to use templates to help you write better Process Improvement Project Charters, SIPOC models and Process Improvement Benefits Cases

These tools will make you a better operational improvement specialist or your money back!

All Expert Toolkit Products come with a complete money back guaranteeThe team at Expert Toolkit are so confident that the Business Improvement Champion Bundle with its 11 tools, detailed instructions, tips, examples and templates will make you a better operations improvement specialist that we offer a complete money-back guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied. Buy it today, start using the tools in your business and with your clients and if you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.

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