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Learn how to be a Top Tier Management Consultant

Learn the methods and skills used by the best management consulting firms.

Want to learn the skills, tools and methods used by all the leading consulting firms? Look no further, if you want to learn how to be a great consultant and build a solid foundation of skills, these are the skills you just need to know. The Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle contains 10 tools and over 150 pages of how-to instructions, method guides, templates, best practices and tips from the experts to get you working like a professional consultant quickly. 

#1: Learn Workshop Facilitation

Learn how to run high impact workshops like a professional business facilitator. Master the skills and methods used by leading management consultants who know how to manage big business groups and take them on the journey to solve complex problems and design new business solutions. You get how-to instructions and tips on everything from managing participants through to practical instructions for preparing and running a successful workshop

#2: Learn how to do Hypothesis-based Analysis

Most complex consulting analysis projects use a technique called hypothesis-based analysis. Also called inductive reasoning, hypothesis-based analysis allows consulting engagements move in a fast but focused manner. Once you know how to do hypothesis-based analysis, your efficiency and effectiveness will increase substantially and you'll get to the core of business problems without wasted time or effort.

#3: Learn the Five Whys Method

Five Whys is a methodical and structured method for performing root cause analysis. It is highly effective in workshop environments and when used in focused interviews. As a skilled practitioner of the Five Whys technique you'll know how to uncover business improvement opportunities quickly and you'll deliver value at the level of top tier management consultant.

#4: Learn Affinity Diagramming

Affinity Diagramming is a creative but logical technique for taking disparate data sets and bringing structure and organization. Affinity Diagrams are extremely effective in group environments for gathering a wide range of perspectives and for identify common themes and patterns. Affinity Diagrams are great for brainstorming, requirements gathering business problem analysis and solution definition. Become a master of Affinity Diagramming.

#5: Learn how to use the RACI Process

The RACI process aids in ensuring appropriate allocation of work across team members in a consulting project. It is also a very useful business analysis tool that allows a deeper understanding of the distribution of work in operational and business environments. Get the instructions and templates to do RACI right.  

#6: Learn how to conduct Data Collection Planning

All successful consulting projects and business analysis initiatives start with a comprehensive data collection plan. Data collection planning is an critical step when conducting any sort of business analysis - ensuring that the right information is obtained in the right ways in order to build up a clear understanding of current performance. Knowing through data how the business operates is a fundamental step before improvement can take place. Get the templates, expert tips, best practices and instructions on how to do data collection planning properly.

#7: Learn the art of Brown Paper Process Mapping

Brown paper process mapping is a highly powerful management consulting technique. It leverages skills in facilitation, stakeholder management and process analysis. Master this technique and you will be capable of driving substantial business value quickly. Get concise instructions, expert tips, templates and you'll be a master of brown paper process mapping in no time. 

#8: Learn how to do PEST Analysis

PEST analysis is a reliable, structured method for understanding and analyzing market dynamics, industry trends and the broader environment. This allows development of strategies and initiatives to drive business growth and market share against the competition. With this guide, you'll learn how to do PEST Analysis with detailed instructions, templates and tips from the experts. 

#9: Learn how to use Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Porter's Five Forces works in conjunction with PEST Analysis and is a reliable management consulting method for analyzing business market dynamics. In this how-to guide, you'll get detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to use Porter's Five Forces Analysis, templates and best practice tips to avoid common mistakes and maximize the value you deliver. 

#10: Learn how to write a Business Improvement Benefits Case

Develop a sound benefits case for any business improvement initiative is a core consulting skill. In this how-to guide, you'll get the precise steps for creating a benefits case, instructions on how to test it and how to extrapolate the results as you scale your business improvement program. You'll get detailed steps for writing a benefits case, a fully worked example and a best practice template for writing your next benefits case.

These tools will make you a better management consultant or your money back!

All Expert Toolkit Products come with a complete money back guaranteeThe team at Expert Toolkit are so confident that the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle with its 10 tools, detailed instructions, tips, examples and templates will make you a better consultant that we offer a complete money-back guarantee should you not be 100% satisfied. Buy it today, start using the tools in your business and with your clients and if you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a prompt refund.

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