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Enterprise Services

The team at Expert Toolkit offer a range of services to corporations, businesses and firms looking to leverage our best practices, tools, templates, frameworks and experienced practitioners.

Business Transformation Services

  • Transformation Design & Plan Review - a holistic review of your transformation program design and plan to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.
  • Transformation Program Setup - a focused exercise to help you setup your transformation program for success - covering people, processes, governance, tools and accountability.
  • Transformation Readiness Check - are you ready? is the program ready? This rapid assessment helps identify items that might get in the way of the success of your program.
  • Change Readiness Assessment - are your people ready? suppliers? customers? This targeted assessment helps to ensure your stakeholders are prepared for the transformation.
  • Transformation Program Health Check & Risk Review - a mid-flight review to check on the health of the program and uncover any risks that are not suitably mitigated.
  • Team Leader & Executive Coaching - targeted or ongoing, we can provide coaching to your key team members to help them "be their best selves" for the sake of the program's success.

We also offer targeted workshop facilitation for large groups - before and during large business transformation programs. 

Systems Implementation Services

  • Implementation Plan Reviewa holistic review of your system implementation plan to identify any gaps, risks or opportunities for improvement.
  • Independent Risk Assessment - typically prior to kick-off, this review seeks to help your ensure all risks have been identified, quantified and mitigated.
  • Project Health Checka mid-flight review to check on the health of the implementation and uncover any risks or issues that are not suitably mitigated.
  • Project Governance Review - a review of the programs governance structure, accountabilities, decision making and operating structure to help ensure it is setup for success.
  • Third Party Contract Review - a review of third third party supplier contracts to help ensure they are aligned, comprehensive and structured to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • Team Leader & Executive Coaching - targeted or ongoing, we can provide coaching to your key team members to help them "be their best selves" for the sake of the program's success.
  • Post Implementation Review - after completion, this review helps to understand what went well, would can be improved next time and uncover any latent items needing resolution.
  • Runaway Project Review - an independent review of an "off track" implementation with the aim of helping you get it back on track.

We also offer targeted workshop facilitation for large groups - before and during large systems implementation programs. 

Operational Excellence Services

  • End to End Operations Review - a top-down review of processes, controls, systems and organization to uncover risks, issues, improvement opportunities.
  • Risk and Controls Review - a targeted business review focused on controls, compliance, policies and risks.
  • Productivity & Efficiency Review - a targeted review with the aim of identifying opportunities to reduce cost, improve output and efficiency.
  • Organization Review - a top down review of the organization for a business unit or function, covering structure, accountabilities, talent, decision making, spans & layers and governance.
  • Incident Remediation Review - typically initiated by a significant incident or issue that requires diagnosis, root cause analysis and remediation planning.
  • Team Leader & Executive Coaching - targeted or ongoing, we can provide coaching to your key team members to help them "be their best selves" for the sake of the business.

Facilitation Services

If you are in need of an experienced, objective facilitator to run large, complex or strategic workshops we are able to assist. Example facilitation services we provide include:

  • Board Offsite - working with your Board to plan and run a productive, challenging and engaging offsite aimed at accomplishing a specific set of objectives. 10 - 15 participants typically.
  • Executive Strategy Session - working with the C-suite or senior executive leadership team to work through business strategy, initiative prioritization, budgets, performance objectives and planning. 10 - 15 participants typically.
  • Transformation Design & Planning Workshop - conducted at the commencement of a desired business transformation effort to plan, design, energize and align the organization. 25 - 50 participants typically.
  • Business Planning Workshop - working with a business unit's leadership team and key personnel to define the priorities, budget, goals and plans for the year ahead. 15- 25 participants typically.

We have proven methods and approaches for each of these session types, but are also flexible to work with any pre-defined approaches or constraints that may exist.

Expert Services

We offer a range of expert service to enterprises seeking external perspectives, opinions, challenge, or validation across a wide range of topics, including those listed below:

  • Business strategy, revenue growth, market share capture
  • Digital enablement and transformation
  • Cost reduction and margin improvement
  • Business development and enterprise sales
  • Customer experience & advocacy improvement
  • Product development, product management & service innovation
  • Business model design, operational excellence & risk reduction
  • Business forensics, root cause diagnosis and remediation
  • Supplier, partner and contract management and optimization
  • Technology strategy, design & implementation

 All work is conducted by seasoned, globally experienced industry specialists. 

Training Services

We offer a range of pre-packaged training programs for businesses, firms and organizations who are looking to lift the capability of their employees. The following list are 2-3 day training courses available for classes of 20-30 staff:

  • Core Consulting Skills - stop unnecessarily paying for consultants by training your own staff in the core skills, tools, techniques used by the best consulting firms.
  • Change Management Fundamentals - covers the essentials of change management, stakeholder management and culture transformation.
  • Process Improvement 101 - covers the basic, but essential skills, tools and techniques for improving business processes.
  • Advanced Consulting Skills - a build on core consulting skills, this takes your employees capabilities to the next level in their development.
  • Becoming an Effective Business Analyst - a broad-based program of skills, methods, techniques essential to the discipline of business analysis.

Each training course comes with course material, on-site instruction, knowledge checks and practical exercises. We can also develop tailored training programs for your business.

All our services and training courses are led by practitioners with 20+ years experience in top tier consulting firms, operating at the Partner, Principal, VP or Managing Director level. 

Please get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss tailored support for your enterprise.