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excellent documents

Helpful toolkit

Well structured very helpful!

it was amazing

i love that and every part of my purchase...just i want to refund one item which i added twice by mistake...thanks

Management Consulting Toolkit

Business Analysis Toolkit

Transformation tool

Great andmost valuable
Would have liked a few in excel.


Saved me a lot of time - and helped me improve the quality of my presentations.

Great business tools

Well structured and instructed, easy to use tools. Keep me posted on new tools.

Customer specialized

As I needed

Needing more insights


Concise but Powerful

I found the Customer Experience Guru to be a great compilation of tools and techniques focussed on improving customer experience. Quite easy to pick up and apply - full of great templates and examples. Highly recommended.

Powerful Tools

The material in this book was exactly what I needed to think through and shape a change strategy for a large enterprise-wide business transformation programme.


A great compilation of tools and templates which have saved me many hours and helped me in my work role.

Very useful tool

Simple and friendly use, understanding customers' needs.


In depth and generally easy to pick up concepts and apply them.

Management Consulting Toolkit

learning BA

Asked to take on some business analysis tasks at work and this has been super helpful.

Nice Tools

Stumbled upon this book while searching for some tools to use at work on a transformation initiative. Found the templates very applicable and not too difficult to learn.

Time Saver

A huge time saver for me. The templates are great and instructions simple to follow. Happy with my purchase.

Helping my Career Transition

I purchased this as I am moving into consulting after a long career in management. Like some of the comments below, the book is really easy to follow, but is rich with information and new concepts to learn and master.

Highly Useful

I found the material in this package to be most useful as I look to learn the basic skills and tools used by management consultants. I am moving into consulting for the first time in my career and this book has helped me understand many core concepts and frameworks.

Business Improvement Champion

I found the content to be very focussed and gave me the key points needed to bring about improvement.

Great value

easy to follow, easy to learn and easy to use. very good value for money - a lot of good things to study and use.

practical tools

very useful tools and clear instructions make it easy to learn and apply which is great. i put the material to use immediately. thankyou.


got the paperback and keep it at my desk for easy reference. great,