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I need help securing funds and support for a major technology project in my organization.
Try Expert Toolkit’s Business Case Template. It is based on best practice and will help you clearly articulate what the funds are needed for and the benefits that will be delivered.
    I want to understand how my business stakeholders are thinking about my program of work and how to get them on board.
    You can use our Automatic Stakeholder Mapping Tool to analyze your business stakeholders and develop a clear plan of action to get them on board. We also offer a range of Stakeholder Mapping Templates and a great Guide to Stakeholder Mapping for those who are new to this process.
      I need tools and methods to use when working with a team to think about a new high level business strategy.
      The Strategic SWOT Method is a great technique here. We offer ready-to-use templates and simple instructions for how to use the approach. Not to be left out when thinking of strategy development are our tools and templates for Porter's Five Forces, PEST Analysis and Competition Analysis
        We are exploring how a business should be structured to maximize effectiveness and shareholder return.
        The best place to start here is our Operating Model Essentials. This will help you understand how to design an operating model and think through the best approach for your business. Also helpful in this area is our Guide to Organization Design and Overview of Organization Structures.
          Help! I am running a large project where many people want it to fail!
          Dig into our guides on Change Management, Stakeholder Management and Building a Successful Transformation Program. Your situation is a common one – fear not, our guides and tools will help you navigate it successfully. 
            Can you help me define great customer requirements for our new product planned for the next year.
            Check out the Crash Course on Voice of the Customer to ensure you start with your customer’s needs first and foremost. Other tools and guides that would be very useful are our guides on Customer Requirements Engineering, Kano Analysis and House of Quality
              I want to get a handle on the risks faced by the business and determining which ones need tackling first.
              Our Business Risk Register will help you here. It uses a proven structured approach for categorization of risks and helping you determine if treatment is necessary.
                I need help quantifying the improvement we want to deliver with a targeted productivity initiative.

                We have a very concise guide to developing Productivity Improvement Benefits Cases. It will walk you through the logic, approach and a detailed example.

                I am about to run a large workshop with some challenging participants.

                How to be a Great Facilitator is what you need. It will give you the tools and confidence to run a fantastic workshop.

                What are good tools for analyzing and documenting the dynamics in the market as part of a new business strategy.

                The best place to start here is the Essentials of Porter’s Five Forces combined with our Introduction to PEST Analysis. These tools will give you a great understanding of the market.

                I'd like to better understand the financial performance of a business client and identify potential risk areas.

                Our Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis is what you need here. It is jam packed with to-the-point information, calculations and insights on using financial ratios to get inside a business.

                I need to help my client get their operational environment to a state of best practice and focused on what matters.

                Three things can help here. Our Guide to Visual Management and Introduction to 5S Theory will give you food for thought and practical tools to improve your operational environment. In addition, a Balanced Scorecard can help your client drive performance improvement where it's needed.

                I want to advise my client on preparing for a potential merger with another business and knowing what to expect.

                Fundamentals of Post-Merger Integration will give you just about everything you need to under the full life cycle of activities involved in a business merger.

                I am trying to map out my end to end processes and identify opportunities to make them better for our customers.

                The SIPOC approach is designed for exactly this. It’s a approach that is easy to master quickly and will really help you take a customer lens to your processes. You can also use our Brown Paper Process Mapping Guide.

                I want to bring structure to my innovation process including gathering, analyzing and prioritizing innovation ideas for further investment.

                The Innovation Prioritization Tool and Dashboard is your best bet here. It will help you pulling you ideas together, categorizing them and identifying which ones to get behind.

                I am looking to build up my basic business analysis and consulting skills as I start out my career or transition into consulting after many years in industry.

                The Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle is a great place to start. It will get you competent in 14 core skills that will serve you well in any business analysis, consulting or contracting role.

                I am looking for tools and methods to help me analyze an organization's markets and determining which segments need a lift in focus and which need to be de-emphasized.

                It sounds like you need to do a market segmentation analysis. You will find Expert Toolkit's guide to Mastering Market Segmentation Analysis very helpful. In addition, our guides on Market Sizing & Share Analysis and Customer Value Analysis will be useful.

                What tool would help me in.assessing and prioritizing a long list of potential business improvement and transformation initiatives of varying sizes.

                Take a look at Expert Toolkit's Transformation Initiative Prioritization Tool - it will help sort through the initiatives and identify the ones to go after and which need further qualification.

                How do I determine how to price a product and develop a corresponding marketing strategy.

                Customer Value Analysis is the method that will help here. Expert Toolkit's Mastering Customer Value Analysis will have you pricing products with confidence in no time. Our guides on Product Lifecycle Analysis and Value Chain Analysis are also something to consider - very complementary.

                What are the best tools and methods for diagnosing business performance issues and really getting to the root causes so solutions can be developed?

                There are a variety of options in this situation. In particular, we suggest starting with The Five Whys Method in addition to Hypothesis-based Analysis. Shortly on Expert Toolkit we will be offering a Management Consultant Toolkit - which will have over 50 tools and techniques used by the best consultants to drive business performance.

                Don't forget to browse through our collection of Bundles. These are the easiest and best value way to get your hands on comprehensive packages of tools, templates, guides and methods to get you lifting your game and making a greater impact quickly.