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Business Transformation Vision Framework Template

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A proven, structured and highly customizable template for develop a strong vision for a business or transformation program.

The Business Vision Framework is structured format for outlining the key elements of a corporate or program vision and the related components necessary to accomplish that vision, including mission, values and objectives. It is a layout that allows creativity to focus on the essence of the vision, rather that “how do we lay it out”. It is highly customizable and provides a very strong starting point for anyone working with a team to develop a vision for an entire organization, a program or a business unit.

Many a moment, day, week, month has been lost endeavoring to develop a strong vision, mission and objective statement with time wasted wrestling with “content” at the same time as “look and feel”. The framework presented here presents an easy-to-use and proven structure for developing a great vision – allowing the focus and energy to be directed at the content, not the structure. The framework is very useful in a workshop environment and can be easily modified as the vision evolves.

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