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ABCD Tool Guide and Template

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A feedback tool and continuous improvement method for lifting project team performance

The ABC Tool is method for conducting team debriefs and capturing essential performance feedback information to take forward. The ABC Tool is a continuous improvement mechanism for teams to consistently reflect on their performance, an event or milestone that just happened or the project as a whole.

Using four categories, a team captures key points reflecting on an event that has just occurred (such as a meeting or workshop) or at key milestones during a project (mid-point, conclusion, major deliverable). The ABCD Tool can be used as often as is suitable, and should be used in open, transparent forum with all participants and team members having equal opportunity to raise points and contribute.

Project teams that regularly reflect on their performance and take targeted action are higher performing and deliver better results, more consistently. Surprisingly though, team performance reflection and constructive debriefs are not conducted on the vast majority of business projects (and most projects don’t deliver their intended outcomes!). The ABC Tool is a simple, powerful mechanism for incorporating continuous improvement and constructive feedback into any project.

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