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Activity Accountability Plan Guide and Template

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A structured method for specifying team member roles and responsibilities for delivery of a business improvement project.

The Activity Accountability Plan is an approach and framework for clearly outlining the “jobs that need to be done” as part of a business program and the roles that individuals need to play in order for those jobs to be successfully completed. It is an alternate approach to a typical project plan, by providing additional emphasis on ensuring individual roles and responsibilities for each task are clear in addition to time frame expectations.

The Activity Accountability Plan is ideally suited for use at the stage of a project where detailed planning is occurring and additional clarity is required regarding the role and responsibility of individual project team members and other key stakeholders. The plan can be developed in a workshop environment with the core project team and it can also be developed through an iterative fashion as project activities are determined and then accountability is assigned and refined.

Clarity of objectives, plan, scope, timeframes and deliverables is essential for any business transformation or improvement project be successful. What’s often overlooked however, is clarity of roles and responsibilities in relation to the scope of work. The Activity Accountability Plan provides a structured, simple mechanism to clearly specify work scope in addition to taking the extra step of identifying the role and responsibility of individuals for each work item.

Document Length: 7 Landscape Pages
Document Format: Microsoft PowerPoint (Editable)

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