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A Guide to Providing Constructive Feedback

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Learn the fundamentals of giving and receiving feedback

    High impact individuals know how to give and receive feedback. They can do it constructively and objectively and are always focused on bettering themselves and others. Learn how to master the skills and behaviors necessary to give and receive feedback constructively. This Expert Guide will walk you through:

    • The characteristics of constructive feedback and how it differs from other types of feedback
    • Guidelines, examples and best practices for delivering feedback to others
    • A simple process for giving feedback to others
    • A simple process for receiving feedback from others
    • Extensive tips from the Expert Toolkit team to help you excel at providing feedback to others.

    Feedback is a critical skill. If you want to accelerate your performance and those of others you must be a competent practitioner in the provision of feedback. Great business leaders are invariably masters at helping others grow and develop through the process of feedback.

    Document Length: 12 Landscape Pages
    Document Format: PDF

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