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7 steps to understanding and beating your competition

Competitor analysis is a proven method for assessing the competitive landscape in a given market and using the information to shape strategy. Any strategic advisor, business consultant or business leader worth their salt needs to know how to drive a targeted competitive analysis exercise. The team at Expert Toolkit share their 7 step process for doing it right.

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Why you need a project business case

Planning a major transformation project? Here are the reasons you need a business case and how it can help your project succeed - Insights by the team at Expert Toolkit

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How to be a great consultant

What are the critical, absolute "must have" skills you need to master if you in the want be a truly great consultant? The team at Expert Toolkit have put their heads together and boiled down the key skills and attributes that separate the great consultants from the rest.

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5 leadership behaviors essential for transformation success

Running a large transformation program is difficult and the odds of success are not on your side. Role modelling these 5 leadership behaviors will help you taste the champagne of success at the end of journey.

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Forget the process mapping software, get out the brown paper

Sometimes it's not such a great idea to head straight for the process mapping software when looking to drive process improvement. It's possible a lower-tech approach is more advisable for taking process performance to the next level - particularly at the beginning of your journey.

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