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Learn new skills — Team Insights

Establishing a project board

A strong project board is essential for the success of any project. It brings a range of benefits, including improved project outcomes, increased accountability, enhanced communication, reduced risk, and improved stakeholder satisfaction. By investing in a strong project board, organizations can enhance the chances of success for their projects and improve stakeholder satisfaction.

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The art of providing constructive feedback

Constructive feedback is a way of communicating observations and opinions about someone's work or behavior in a way that is meant to be helpful and supportive. It should focus on specific behaviors or actions, and should be given in a way that is respectful and non-judgmental.

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3 steps to creating better customer experiences

Providing an exceptional experience for customers is a core objective for any business serious about growth, brand expansion and financial performance. It’s a complicated mission though, with many traps and obstacles to be encountered along the way. The team at Expert Toolkit share 3 tangible and proven steps you can take for improving any customer experience. 

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How to use creativity in business analysis and transformation

The data-driven, process-oriented business world can leave creativity behind. Let Expert Toolkit show you how to combine process, structure AND creativity.

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Why you need a project business case

Planning a major transformation project? Here are the reasons you need a business case and how it can help your project succeed - Insights by the team at Expert Toolkit

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