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The customer guru expert bundle now available in print!

Get your copy of the customer guru in print.

The latest Expert Toolkit product available in print is our Customer Guru Expert Bundle. Like all of our print versions, this one comes as 11" by 8.5" (Letter Size) making it very portable in addition to being great for capturing your own notes and thoughts. 

The Customer Guru Bundle by Expert Toolkit - Management Consulting Tools to Improve Customer Experience

The Customer Guru Bundle by Expert Toolkit

This bundle is comprehensive, packed with useful tools, templates, guides and methods for anyone wanting to lift their game as an advisor or business leader in the field of customer experience improvement or customer value creation. Containing 10 proven tools and over 150 pages of material, this bundle will be a goto reference guide. You'll get in depth material and usable tools for Voice of the Customer, Customer Requirements Engineering, Kano Analysis, House of Quality, Hypotheses-based Analysis, Brown Paper Process Mapping and Customer Value Analysis.

You can pickup your copy of the Customer Guru Expert Bundle right here on or If you are an Amazon Prime Member you get free 2 day shipping for the bundle.

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