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The Business Improvement Champion Bundle now available on Amazon Kindle

Get your copy of the Business Improvement Champion on Kindle.

The Kindle edition of the Business Improvement Champion Bundle is now available for purchase on Amazon. For all of you Kindle lovers, you can get access to the tools used by experts to drive tangible improvement in any business operation.

Business Improvement and Management Consulting Tools by Expert Toolkit on Amazon Kindle

This Expert Toolkit Bundle is a compilation of 11 tools, methods, guides and frameworks targeted at anyone who wants to become highly proficient in driving significant improvement to a business – whether it be productivity, quality, speed or cost:

  • Guide to Balanced Scorecards
  • The Essentials of SIPOC Modelling
  • Affinity Diagrams 
  • Practical Guide to the 5S Method 
  • Guide to Hypothesis-based Analysis 
  • How to be a Great Facilitator 
  • Brown Paper Process Mapping 
  • Guide to Visual Management for Executives 
  • Guide to Process Improvement Benefits Cases 
  • Process Improvement Project Charter Template 
  • SIPOC Template

Don't waste any more time using the wrong tools, or trying to make it up as you go along. With tools from the team at Expert Toolkit you will deliver better results, faster and with less frustration. You'll make a greater impact!

We hope you find the contents of this bundle useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback, or if we can help you craft a tailored training or delivery program for your organization.

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