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The business improvement champion bundle now available in print!

Get your copy of the business improvement champion in print.

We are listening to our customers and continuing to get our much-loved bundles into print form for those who like the physical and want something that they can put in their bag and carry with them. 

The Business Improvement Champion Bundle by Expert Toolkit - Management Consulting and Business Analysis Tools

The Business Improvement Champion Bundle by Expert Toolkit

The latest product available in print is our Business Improvement Champion Bundle. Like all of our print versions, this one comes as 11" by 8.5" (Letter Size) making it very portable, but great for capturing your own notes and highlights. 

This bundle is enormous, coming in at over 180 pages of guides, templates, tools and lessons learned including balanced scorecards, SIPOC modelling, affinity diagrams, the 5 whys method, the 5S method, hypotheses-based analysis, facilitation, brown paper process mapping, visual management, process improvement benefits cases and a stack of templates.

You can pickup your copy of the Business Improvement Champion Bundle right here. on or If you are an Amazon Prime Member you get free 2 day shipping for the bundle.

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