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The Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle now on Kindle

Get your copy of the Business Consulting Basics Bundle on Kindle.

The Kindle edition of the Business Consulting Basics Mega Bundle is now available for purchase on Amazon. For all of you Kindle lovers, you can learn the fundamental skills to kick start your management consulting career.

Management Consulting and Business Analysis Tools by Expert Toolkit on Amazon Kindle

This Expert Toolkit Bundle is a compilation of 10 tools, methods, guides and frameworks targeted at anyone who is starting out their career in business consulting or simply wants to be equipped with the fundamental tools used by top-tier consulting firms.

The contents of the bundle are by no means exhaustive, but they will provide a very solid platform to build upon for anyone moving along the business consulting path – either independently or as part of a professional services firm. The included tools have really stood the test of time, and the team at Expert Toolkit believes they will continue to be relevant, powerful and value-adding in the hands of the competent practitioner.

The bundle contains a range of tools intended to bring balance to the business consultant. The tools span the hard-edged and analytical to the softer people- and collaboration-oriented.

  • Introduction to the RACI Process
  • Affinity Diagrams
  • How to use the 5 Whys Method
  • How to do Data Collection Planning
  • How to do Brown Paper Process Mapping
  • Guide to Hypothesis-based Analysis
  • How to be a Great Facilitator
  • Introduction to PEST Analysis
  • The Essentials of Porter's Five Forces
  • Guide to Productivity Business Cases

Don't waste any more time using the wrong tools, or trying to make it up as you go along. With tools from the team at Expert Toolkit you will deliver better results, faster and with less frustration. You'll make a greater impact!

We hope you find the contents of this bundle useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback, or if we can help you craft a tailored training or delivery program for your organization.

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