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The master change practitioner bundle now available in print!

Get your copy of the master change practitioner in print.

The team at Expert Toolkit are excited to announce that our popular bundles are becoming available in print form. They are available directly through in addition to Amazon and various other sellers of high quality books and business reference material. 

The Master Change Practitioner by Expert Toolkit - The Management Consulting Approach to Business Change Management

The Master Change Practitioner by Expert Toolkit 

The first Expert Toolkit bundle to hit the presses is the Master Change Practitioner Bundle, which contains tools, templates and knowledge essential for anyone wanting to be a valuable change management practitioner. In this bundle, you get what you need (and nothing you don't) to know and practice change management, stakeholder management, RACI, facilitation, change readiness assessments, stakeholder mapping and communications. 

You can find the print version of the Master Change Practitioner on our site here or on where it is eligible for free shipping for Prime Members!


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